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94.29 Appeal. If either party is not satisfied with the award the party may, within 10 days after the delivery of the copy thereof to him or her, serve upon either of the arbitrators notice of appeal from their award to the circuit court of the county in which the lands or any part thereof are situated and pay to the arbitrators the whole amount of their fees plus the fee prescribed in s. 814.61 (8) (am) 1.; and if the party required to pay the damages gives notice of an appeal therefrom he or she shall file with the notice of appeal an undertaking, signed by 2 or more sureties, to be approved by at least 2 of the arbitrators, in double the amount of the award, conditioned to pay any judgment that may be rendered against the party upon appeal. Upon filing the notice of appeal and undertaking, when required, the arbitrators, or 2 of them, shall, within 10 days, make and sign a full statement of the proceedings had by them and of their award and file the same with the clerk of circuit court and pay the fee prescribed in s. 814.61 (8) (am) 1.; and thereupon the clerk shall enter an action in which the claimant is the plaintiff, which shall be deemed then at issue, and proceedings shall be had thereon in like manner as in other civil actions in the court. Unless the appellant obtains a more favorable judgment upon appeal, he or she shall pay costs; otherwise, the respondent.

94.29 - ANNOT.

History: 1981 c. 317; 1993 a. 16; 1995 a. 27.