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946.47 Harboring or aiding felons.


(1) Whoever does either of the following is guilty of a Class I felony:


(a) With intent to prevent the apprehension of a felon, harbors or aids him or her; or


(b) With intent to prevent the apprehension, prosecution or conviction of a felon, destroys, alters, hides, or disguises physical evidence or places false evidence.


(2) As used in this section "felon" means either of the following:


(a) A person who commits an act within the jurisdiction of this state which constitutes a felony under the law of this state; or


(b) A person who commits an act within the jurisdiction of another state which is punishable by imprisonment for one year or more in a state prison or penitentiary under the law of that state and would, if committed in this state, constitute a felony under the law of this state.


(3) This section does not apply to the felon, to the felon's spouse or to a parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother or sister of the felon, whether by blood, marriage or adoption.

946.47 - ANNOT.

History: 1977 c. 173; 1993 a. 486; 1999 a. 162; 2001 a. 109.

946.47 - ANNOT.

A person may be a "felon" under (2) (a) even though not convicted of felony. State v. Jones, 98 Wis. 2d 679, 298 N.W.2d 100 (Ct. App. 1980).

946.47 - ANNOT.

The application of this section is not restricted to persons wanted for conduct constituting a felony for which there has been no conviction, but also applies to persons previously convicted of a felony who are sought for other reasons. State v. Schmidt, 221 Wis. 2d 189, 585 N.W.2d 16 (Ct. App. 1998), 97-3131.