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95.10 Feeding garbage to swine.


(1) Beginning July 1, 1968, it is unlawful for any person to feed public or commercial garbage to swine, or to deposit or receive such garbage on any premises where swine are kept, and no swine having fed on such garbage may be sold or removed from the premises.


(3) “Public or commercial garbage” as used in this section means putrescible animal or vegetable wastes containing animal parts, resulting from the handling, preparation, processing, cooking or consumption of food and which is collected from any source, and includes dead animals as defined in s. 95.72 (1) (c). The term does not apply to private household wastes not removed from the premises where produced.


(4) No indemnity shall be paid to the owner of any swine condemned or destroyed because of any infectious or communicable disease if such swine were located, at any time, on any premises receiving public or commercial garbage. No person shall fail or refuse to conform with the department order specifying the manner of disposal of such infected swine. The definition of “communicable disease” in s. 990.01 (5g) does not apply to this subsection.


(5) No person shall remove or permit the removal of any swine from any premises where public or commercial garbage is received, except to federally inspected slaughtering establishments and other slaughtering establishments approved by the state to receive diseased animals, and only if such swine are accompanied by a certificate of veterinary inspection.


(6) No person shall bring into this state any raw public or commercial garbage for feeding purposes or for deposit on any premises where swine are kept. Any garbage from vehicles serving food to passengers, if deposited in this state, shall be incinerated.

95.10 – ANNOT.

History: 1981 c. 66, 291; 1981 c. 391 s. 210; 2001 a. 56.