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95.13 Misrepresenting breed of domestic animal. No person shall sell or barter or cause to be sold or bartered any domestic animal and represent, or cause to be represented that such domestic animal is a pure bred domestic animal, when in fact such domestic animal is not registered, or entitled to registry, in any pure breed registry maintained for such domestic animals; nor shall any person knowingly utter, pass or deliver to any person as true, any false, or altered pedigree; nor shall any person refuse to deliver proper certificate of registry for any domestic animal sold or transferred by the person, having represented at the time of sale or transfer, and as an inducement thereto, that such domestic animal was registered and that the person possessed and would deliver a certificate of registry as evidence thereof, or that such domestic animal was entitled to registry and that the person would secure such certificate and deliver the same.

95.13 - ANNOT.

History: 1993 a. 492; 2001 a. 56.