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95.24 Living vaccine, hog cholera, anthrax, swine erysipelas.


(1) No person shall have in his or her possession or furnish to another any live virus hog cholera vaccine, including vaccines produced from a modified or attenuated strain of hog cholera virus, except that such vaccines may be in the possession of a biological laboratory inspected and licensed by the federal government, persons having written approval from the department for its experimental use, or veterinarians having a permit from the department for its use in vaccinating or treating swine as necessary for export or for such other uses as are authorized by the department for the control of serious outbreaks of the disease.




(a) No type of living vaccine for immunizing against anthrax or swine erysipelas may be administered to any domestic animal or sold or dispensed in this state without first having obtained the written approval of the chief veterinarian of the department. Approval to administer such vaccine shall be granted to licensed veterinarians only, and then only to qualify the domestic animal for export or in the event that any of the following has been established:


1. The domestic animals to be so treated are infected.


2. The domestic animals to be so treated are on premises known to be contaminated.


3. The domestic animals to be so treated have been exposed within 40 days to infection with the disease for which the living vaccine is prescribed as a proper immunizing agent.


(b) Every veterinarian who so administers such living vaccine shall render to the department a report of the use and the results thereof at such time and in such manner as it may require.

95.24 - ANNOT.

History: 1993 a. 213, 492; 2001 a. 56.