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961.472 Assessment; certain possession or attempted possession offenses.


(1) In this section, "facility" means an approved public treatment facility, as defined under s. 51.45 (2) (c).


(2) Except as provided in sub. (5), if a person pleads guilty or is found guilty of possession or attempted possession of a controlled substance or controlled substance analog under s. 961.41 (3g) (am), (c), (d), or (g), the court shall order the person to comply with an assessment of the person's use of controlled substances. The court's order shall designate a facility that is operated by or pursuant to a contract with the county department established under s. 51.42 and that is certified by the department of health services to provide assessment services to perform the assessment and, if appropriate, to develop a proposed treatment plan. The court shall notify the person that noncompliance with the order limits the court's ability to determine whether the treatment option under s. 961.475 is appropriate. The court shall also notify the person of the fee provisions under s. 46.03 (18) (fm).


(3) The facility shall submit an assessment report within 14 days to the court. At the request of the facility, the court may extend the time period by not more than 20 additional workdays. The assessment report may include a proposed treatment plan.


(4) The court shall consider the assessment report in determining whether the treatment option under s. 961.475 is appropriate.


(5) The court is not required to enter an order under sub. (2) if any of the following applies:


(a) The court finds that the person is already covered by or has recently completed an assessment under this section or a substantially similar assessment.


(b) The person is participating in a substance abuse treatment program that meets the requirements of s. 16.964 (12) (c), as determined by the office of justice assistance under s. 16.964 (12) (i).

961.472 - ANNOT.

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