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969.12 Sureties.


(1) Every surety under this chapter, except a surety under s. 345.61, shall be a resident of the state.


(2) A surety under this chapter shall be a natural person, except a surety under s. 345.61. No surety under this chapter may be compensated for acting as such a surety.


(3) A court may require a surety to justify by sworn affidavit that the surety is worth the amount specified in the bond exclusive of property exempt from execution. The surety shall provide such evidence of financial responsibility as the judge requires. The court may at any time examine the sufficiency of the bail in such manner as it deems proper, and in all cases the state may challenge the sufficiency of the surety.

969.12 - ANNOT.

History: 1979 c. 34; 1993 a. 486.