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25-4-101. Girls to be committed; terms; notification ofsuperintendent; transportation to school.



(a) Any girl who has attained the age of twelve (12) years andwho has been ordered committed in compliance with W.S. 14-6-229 may becommitted to the Wyoming girls' school. The term of any girl committed shall bedetermined by the department of family services.


(b) After a girl is committed to the girls' school the clerk ofcourt shall notify the superintendent of the institution. The superintendentshall arrange for the transportation of the girl to the girls' school.


25-4-102. Nature of program and discipline; rules and regulations forwork release, home visitation or temporary residence.


Theprogram and discipline at the Wyoming girls' school shall be educational,vocational and rehabilitative. For these purposes the department of familyservices shall adopt rules and regulations for work release for residents whoare not subject to W.S. 7-16-301 through 7-16-311, home visitation or temporaryresidence outside the school enclosure.


25-4-103. Personal record to be prepared; rehabilitation plan;periodic review; additional contents of record; release from custody.



(a) When a girl is admitted to the girls' school, thesuperintendent shall prepare a record of the personal history of the resident,including her age, family and social background, education and prior training andemployment. Based upon all pertinent information available, the superintendentshall prepare an individualized rehabilitation plan which shall be part of theresident's record. Periodic reviews of the resident's progress and appropriatemodifications of her rehabilitation plan shall be made by the superintendentand entered on the resident's record. The status of each resident shall bereported to her periodically. All orders affecting the resident, thecircumstances of her final release and any new developments concerning herpersonal history shall be included in her record.


(b) After the department of family services has made a findingthat a girl should be released from the girls' school, it shall give advancenotification of the pending release to the court which ordered commitment. Upon the girl's release the department shall issue her an administrativedischarge.