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§ 97-3-97. Sexual battery; definitions.

For purposes of Sections 97-3-95 through 97-3-103 the following words shall have the meaning ascribed herein unless the context otherwise requires: 

(a) "Sexual penetration" includes cunnilingus, fellatio, buggery or pederasty, any penetration of the genital or anal openings of another person’s body by any part of a person’s body, and insertion of any object into the genital or anal openings of another person’s body. 

(b) A "mentally defective person" is one who suffers from a mental disease, defect or condition which renders that person temporarily or permanently incapable of knowing the nature and quality of his or her conduct. 

(c) A "mentally incapacitated person" is one rendered incapable of knowing or controlling his or her conduct, or incapable of resisting an act due to the influence of any drug, narcotic, anesthetic, or other substance administered to that person without his or her consent. 

(d) A "physically helpless person" is one who is unconscious or one who for any other reason is physically incapable of communicating an unwillingness to engage in an act. 

Sources: Laws,  1980, ch. 450, § 2, eff from and after July 1, 1980.