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Sirens and flashing lights emergency use, personsauthorized–violation, penalty.

307.175. Motor vehicles and equipment which are operated by anymember of an organized fire department, ambulance association, or rescuesquad, whether paid or volunteer, may be operated on streets and highwaysin this state as an emergency vehicle under the provisions of section304.022, RSMo, while responding to a fire call or ambulance call or at thescene of a fire call or ambulance call and while using or sounding awarning siren and using or displaying thereon fixed, flashing or rotatingblue lights, but sirens and blue lights shall be used only in bona fideemergencies. Permits for the operation of such vehicles equipped withsirens or blue lights shall be in writing and shall be issued and may berevoked by the chief of an organized fire department, organized ambulanceassociation, or rescue squad and no person shall use or display a siren orblue lights on a motor vehicle, fire, ambulance, or rescue equipmentwithout a valid permit authorizing the use. A** permit to use a siren orlights as heretofore set out does not relieve the operator of the vehicleso equipped with complying with all other traffic laws and regulations.Violation of this section constitutes a class A misdemeanor.

(L. 1957 p. 623 § 1, A.L. 1971 H.B. 113, A.L. 1981 H.B. 183, A.L. 2004 S.B. 757 merged with S.B. 788)

Effective 6-25-04 (S.B. 757) 7-01-04 (S.B. 788)

*Transferred 1969; formerly 304.565

**Word “A” does not appear in original rolls.