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Tampering with a witness–tampering with a victim.

575.270. 1. A person commits the crime of tampering with a witnessif, with purpose to induce a witness or a prospective witness to disobey asubpoena or other legal process, or to absent himself or avoid subpoena orother legal process, or to withhold evidence, information or documents, orto testify falsely, he:

(1) Threatens or causes harm to any person or property; or

(2) Uses force, threats or deception; or

(3) Offers, confers or agrees to confer any benefit, direct orindirect, upon such witness; or

(4) Conveys any of the foregoing to another in furtherance of aconspiracy.

2. A person commits the crime of “victim tampering” if, with purposeto do so, he prevents or dissuades or attempts to prevent or dissuade anyperson who has been a victim of any crime or a person who is acting onbehalf of any such victim from:

(1) Making any report of such victimization to any peace officer, orstate, local or federal law enforcement officer or prosecuting agency or toany judge;

(2) Causing a complaint, indictment or information to be sought andprosecuted or assisting in the prosecution thereof;

(3) Arresting or causing or seeking the arrest of any person inconnection with such victimization.

3. Tampering with a witness in a prosecution, tampering with awitness with purpose to induce the witness to testify falsely, or victimtampering is a class C felony if the original charge is a felony.Otherwise, tampering with a witness or victim tampering is a class Amisdemeanor. Persons convicted under this section shall not be eligiblefor parole.

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Court order against witness or victim tampering, RSMo 491.600; violations, RSMo 491.610

Pretrial release of defendant conditioned on no tampering, forms for bail or bond to set out also forfeiture of bond, RSMo 491.620