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State Codes and Statutes

Statutes > New-mexico > Chapter-22 > Article-24 > Section-22-24-4-3

22-24-4.3. Roof repair and replacement initiative.

A.     The council shall develop guidelines for a roof repair and replacement initiative pursuant to the provisions of this section.

B.     A school district, desiring a grant award pursuant to this section, shall submit an application to the council.  The application shall include an assessment of the roofs on district school buildings that, in the opinion of the school district, create a threat of significant property damage.

C.     The public school facilities authority shall verify the assessment made by the school district and rank the application with similar applications pursuant to a methodology adopted by the council.

D.     After a public hearing and to the extent that money is available in the fund for such purposes, the council shall approve roof repair or replacement projects on the established priority basis; provided that no project shall be approved unless the council determines that the school district is willing and able to pay the portion of the total cost of the project that is not funded with grant assistance from the fund.  In order to pay its portion of the total project cost, a school district may use state distributions made to the school district pursuant to the Public School Capital Improvements Act [22-25-1 NMSA 1978] or, if within the scope of the authorizing resolution, proceeds of the property tax imposed pursuant to that act.

E.     The state share of the cost of an approved roof repair or replacement project shall be calculated pursuant to the methodology in Paragraph (5) of Subsection B of Section 22-24-5 NMSA 1978. 

F.     A grant made pursuant to this section shall be expended by the school district within two years of the grant allocation.