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§31A-4-20. Stockholders' annual meeting; financial statement; appointment, duties and report of examining committee; employment of accountants; examiners may require presence of executive or examining committee.
(a) The stockholders of each state banking institution shall meet annually and at such annual meeting it shall be the duty of the cashier or other executive officer of such banking institution to prepare and submit to the stockholders a clear and concise statement of the financial condition of the corporation as of the close of business on the last day of the month next preceding.

(b) At such meeting, the stockholders present in person or by proxy shall elect an examining committee composed of not less than three nor more than five persons, each of whom shall be a stockholder either in such banking institution, or, if such banking institution is controlled by a bank holding company, in that bank holding company.

(c) At such time or times as it may be directed to do so by the written request of the board of directors or the commissioner of banking, such committee shall immediately proceed to examine the condition of the bank and, upon completion of such examination, shall file its report in writing with the board of directors. Such report shall set forth in detail all items included in the assets of the bank which the committee has reason to believe are not of the value at which they appear on the books and records ofthe bank, and shall give the value of each of such items according to its judgment. The board of directors shall cause such report to be retained as a part of the records of the bank and shall transmit a duly authenticated copy thereof to the commissioner of banking.

(d) With the consent and approval of the stockholders, such committee may employ registered or certified public accountants to make such examination or make the same in conjunction with any official examination made by any supervisory authority.

(e) The workpapers of any audit, including any materials associated with an audit of the bank's electronic data procedures, shall be made available to the commissioner or to the examiners of the department of banking upon request, and will be accorded confidentiality in conformity with section four, article two of this chapter.

(f) Any official examiner of the department of banking may require the presence of the examining committee or the executive committee during his examination.