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State Codes and Statutes

Statutes > Alaska > Title-47 > Chapter-47-55 > Sec-47-55-030

(a) A person eligible for admission under AS 47.55.020 may, on application, be admitted to the Alaska Pioneers' Home or the Alaska Veterans' Home upon the person's agreement to pay to the state each month an amount the department considers sufficient to compensate the state for the cost of care and support of the person at the home. When this agreement is entered into, the department may require security for the payments.

(b) The Department of Health and Social Services shall adopt regulations establishing a monthly rate for the compensation a resident is to be charged under (a) of this section. The rate charged need not fully compensate the state for the cost of care and support. The commissioner of health and social services shall review the rate each year.

(c) The department shall provide to all residents of the homes written notice of any proposed change in the rate charged for care and support of persons at the homes. Notice under this section shall be given not less than 60 days before a change is adopted. The notice must include the time, date, and place of a hearing to be held by the department under (d) of this section. The department may not change the rate charged more than once in a fiscal year.

(d) Not less than 30 days before a proposed rate change is adopted, the Department of Health and Social Services shall conduct a hearing at which interested persons shall be given the opportunity to submit written or oral testimony, statements, arguments or contentions relating to the proposed rate change. The department shall consider all relevant matter presented to it before adopting a rate change.

(e) [Repealed, Sec. 28 ch 90 SLA 1991].