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12-1148. Notice of hearing by special master

A. Immediately after being appointed and taking the oath, the special master shall send notice by registered mail to all persons who have appeared in the action, or to their attorneys of record, and to all others having any interest in or lien upon the real property sought to be condemned, as shown by the records of the office of the county recorder, and to guardians ad litem appointed pursuant to the provisions of section 12-1146. The notice shall be addressed to such persons at their respective last known addresses and shall be substantially in the following form:



Notice is hereby given that (here insert name of plaintiff) has filed a complaint in the above court to acquire by condemnation under the laws relating to the condemnation of real property for public works projects for (here give a brief general description of the public works project for which the land is sought to be acquired), the following described land: (Here describe the land sufficiently for the identification thereof. The description may be by a plat or map).

All persons having an interest in or lien upon the above described property, for which compensation will be demanded, are hereby notified that all claims or demands for compensation by reason of the taking and condemnation of such property shall be filed in writing with said court before (here insert date at least fifteen days after the date set for the court hearing in the notice specified in section 12-1145), and shall be deemed waived unless so filed, and that on a hearing will be held by the special master at (insert time and place fixed by the court for such hearing) with respect to the amount of compensation to be paid for the property sought to be condemned, and the persons entitled thereto.

Dated day of

Special master appointed by the court."

B. The special master shall also cause a copy of the notice to be posted in conspicuous places on the property sought to be condemned.