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State Codes and Statutes

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12-1598.05. Initial lien

A. The writ is a lien on the nonexempt earnings of the judgment debtor from the date of service of the writ until any one of the following occurs:

1. An order of continuing lien is entered.

2. If no order is entered for a period of forty-five days after the date of the filing of the answer.

3. The writ is quashed, released or becomes ineffective as a result of the circumstances set forth in section 12-1598.10, subsection D.

B. The garnishee shall not remit any withheld earnings to the judgment creditor until an order of the court has been entered pursuant to section 12-1598.10.

C. The garnishee is not liable to the judgment creditor for failing to withhold earnings from a judgment debtor if those earnings were paid to the judgment debtor on a payday falling within three days, not including weekends and holidays, after the date of the service of the writ.