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17-241. Acquisition and disposition of lands and waters; retention of rights; disposition of proceeds

A. The commission, in the name of the state, with the approval of the governor may:

1. Acquire by purchase, lease, exchange, gift or condemnation lands for use as fish hatcheries, game farms, firing ranges, reservoir sites or rights of way to fishing waters.

2. Acquire by purchase, lease, exchange or gift lands or waters for use as fish hatcheries, game farms, shooting areas, firing ranges or other purposes necessary to carry out the provisions of this title.

3. Acquire by condemnation waters for use as fish hatcheries. The acquisition of land acquired by condemnation shall be limited to a maximum of one hundred sixty acres unless first approved by the legislature.

B. The commission may, with approval of the governor and state land commissioner, lease, sublease, exchange, or sell, in the name of the state, any land acquired by gift, purchase, lease, exchange, or other method.

C. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the sale or transfer of any lands under the provisions of this section shall be subject to a reservation to the state of all mineral rights and may be subject to the right of entry thereon by the public for hunting and fishing purposes.

D. Money derived from a sale or lease shall be deposited in the game and fish fund.