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17-301. Times when wildlife may be taken; exceptions; methods of taking

A. A person may take wildlife, except aquatic wildlife, only during daylight hours unless otherwise prescribed by the commission. A person shall not take any species of wildlife by the aid or with the use of a jacklight, other artificial light, or illegal device, except as provided by the commission.

B. A person shall not take wildlife, except aquatic wildlife, or discharge a firearm or shoot any other device from a motor vehicle, including an automobile, aircraft, train or powerboat, or from a sailboat, boat under sail, or a floating object towed by powerboat or sailboat except as expressly permitted by the commission. No person may knowingly discharge any firearm or shoot any other device upon, from, across or into a road or railway.

C. Fish may be taken only by angling unless otherwise provided by the commission. The line shall be constantly attended. In every case the hook, fly or lure shall be used in such manner that the fish voluntarily take or attempt to take it in their mouths.

D. It shall be unlawful to take wildlife with any leghold trap, any instant kill body gripping design trap, or by a poison or a snare on any public land, including state owned or state leased land, lands administered by the United States forest service, the federal bureau of land management, the national park service, the United States department of defense, the state parks board and any county or municipality. This subsection shall not prohibit:

1. The use of the devices prescribed in this subsection by federal, state, county, city, or other local departments of health which have jurisdiction in the geographic area of such use, for the purpose of protection from or surveillance for threats to human health or safety.

2. The taking of wildlife with firearms, with fishing equipment, with archery equipment, or other implements in hand as may be defined or regulated by the Arizona game and fish commission, including but not limited to the taking of wildlife pursuant to a hunting or fishing license issued by the Arizona game and fish department.

3. The use of snares, traps not designed to kill, or nets to take wildlife for scientific research projects, sport falconry, or for relocation of the wildlife as may be defined or regulated by the Arizona game and fish commission or the government of the United States or both.

4. The use of poisons or nets by the Arizona game and fish department to take or manage aquatic wildlife as determined and regulated by the Arizona game and fish commission.

5. The use of traps for rodent control or poisons for rodent control for the purpose of controlling wild and domestic rodents as otherwise allowed by the laws of the state of Arizona, excluding any fur-bearing animals as defined in section 17-101.