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32-1297.08. Injunction

A. An injunction shall issue to enjoin the practice of denture technology by any of the following:

1. One neither certified to practice as a denturist nor licensed to practice as a dentist.

2. One certified as a denturist from practicing without proper supervision by a dentist as required by this article.

3. A denturist whose continued practice will or might cause irreparable damage to the public health and safety prior to the time proceedings pursuant to section 32-1297.07 could be instituted and completed.

B. A petition for injunction shall be filed by the board in the superior court for Maricopa county or in the county where the defendant resides or is found. Any citizen is also entitled to obtain injunctive relief in any court of competent jurisdiction because of the threat of injury to the public health and welfare.

C. Issuance of an injunction shall not relieve the respondent from being subject to any other proceedings provided for by law.