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32-1559. Naturopathic medical assistants; certification; supervision; duties; use of title

A. A person who wishes to be certified as a naturopathic medical assistant shall submit an application as prescribed in section 32-1524.

B. A certified naturopathic medical assistant may assist a doctor of naturopathic medicine who is licensed under this chapter.

C. The board by rule may prescribe naturopathic medical treatment procedures that a naturopathic medical assistant certified under this section may perform under the direct supervision of a doctor of naturopathic medicine who is licensed under this chapter if the board determines that these procedures:

1. May be competently performed by the assistant.

2. Do not exceed the procedures that the supervising doctor of naturopathic medicine has been licensed by this state to perform.

D. A naturopathic medical assistant may do clerical tasks without direct supervision if the tasks do not involve the treatment of a person's condition or other procedures that are prohibited under this chapter.

E. A person shall not use the title "medical assistant" or a related abbreviation unless that person is working as a naturopathic medical assistant pursuant to this section.