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32-1803. Powers and duties

A. The board shall:

1. Protect the public from unlawful, incompetent, unqualified, impaired and unprofessional practitioners of osteopathic medicine.

2. Issue licenses, conduct hearings, place physicians on probation, revoke or suspend licenses, enter into stipulated orders, issue letters of concern or decrees of censure and administer and enforce this chapter.

3. Maintain a record of its acts and proceedings, including the issuance, denial, renewal, suspension or revocation of licenses to practice according to this chapter. The board shall delete records of complaints only as follows:

(a) If the board dismisses a complaint, the board shall delete the public record of the complaint five years after it dismissed the complaint.

(b) If the board has issued a letter of concern but has taken no further action on the complaint, the board shall delete the public record of the complaint five years after it issued the letter of concern.

(c) If the board has required additional continuing medical education pursuant to section 32-1855 but has not taken further action, the board shall delete the public record of the complaint five years after the person satisfies this requirement.

4. Maintain a public directory of all osteopathic physicians and surgeons who are or were licensed pursuant to this chapter that includes:

(a) The name of the physician.

(b) The physician's current or last known address of record.

(c) The date and number of the license issued to the physician pursuant to this chapter.

(d) The date the license is scheduled to expire if not renewed or the date the license expired or was revoked, suspended or canceled.

(e) Any disciplinary actions taken against the physician by the board.

(f) Letters of concern, remedial continuing medical education ordered and dismissals of complaints against the physician until deleted from the public record pursuant to paragraph 3 of this subsection.

(g) The number of malpractice claims paid by award or by settlement on behalf of the physician in the last ten years of practice in this state or in another state.

5. Adopt rules regarding the regulation and the qualifications of medical assistants.

6. Discipline and rehabilitate osteopathic physicians.

B. The public records of the board are open to inspection at all times during office hours.

C. The board may:

1. Adopt rules necessary or proper for the administration of this chapter.

2. Appoint one of its members to the jurisdiction arbitration panel pursuant to section 32-2907, subsection B.

3. Accept and spend federal monies and private grants, gifts, contributions and devises. These monies do not revert to the state general fund at the end of a fiscal year.

4. Develop and publish advisory opinions and standards governing the profession.

D. The board shall adopt and use a seal, the imprint of which, together with the signature of either the president, vice-president or executive director, is evidence of its official acts.

E. In conducting investigations pursuant to this chapter the board may receive and review confidential internal staff reports relating to complaints and malpractice claims.

F. The board may make available to academic and research organizations public records regarding statistical information on doctors of osteopathic medicine and applicants for licensure.