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32-1861. Substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation program; private contract; funding

A. The board may establish a confidential program for the treatment and rehabilitation of licensees who are impaired by substance abuse. This program may include education, intervention, therapeutic treatment and posttreatment monitoring and support.

B. The board may contract with other organizations to operate the program established pursuant to subsection A of this section. A contract with a private organization shall include the following requirements:

1. Periodic reports to the board regarding treatment program activity.

2. Release to the board on demand of all treatment records.

3. Quarterly reports to the board regarding each physician's diagnosis and prognosis and recommendations for continuing care, treatment and supervision.

4. Immediate reporting to the board of the name of an impaired physician who the treating organization believes to be incapable of safely practicing medicine.

C. The board may allocate an amount of not more than twenty dollars from each fee it collects from the renewal of licenses pursuant to section 32-1826 for the administration of the program established by this section.