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32-2073. Temporary licenses; inactive status; reinstatement to active status

A. If the board requires an additional examination it may issue a temporary license to a psychologist licensed or certified under the laws of another jurisdiction, if the psychologist applies to the board for licensure and meets the educational, experience and first examination requirements of this article.

B. A temporary license issued pursuant to this section is effective from the date that the application is approved until the last day of the month in which the applicant receives the results of the additional examination as provided in section 32-2072.

C. A temporary license shall not be extended, renewed, reissued or allowed to continue in effect beyond the period authorized by this section.

D. Denial of an application for licensure terminates a temporary license.

E. The board may place on inactive status and waive the license renewal fee requirements for a person who is temporarily or permanently unable to practice as a psychologist due to physical or mental incapacity or disability. An initial request for the waiver of renewal fees shall be accompanied by the renewal fee for an active license, which the board shall return if the waiver is granted. The board shall judge each request for the waiver of renewal fees on its own merits and may seek the verification it deems necessary to substantiate the facts of the situation. A psychologist who is retired is exempt from paying the renewal fee. A psychologist may request voluntary inactive status by submitting to the board an application on a form prescribed by the board and an affirmation that the psychologist shall not practice as a psychologist in this state for the duration of the voluntary inactive status and paying the required fee.

F. A psychologist who is on any form of inactive status shall renew the inactive status every two years by submitting a renewal form provided by the board and paying any applicable fee. A notice to renew is fully effective by mailing the renewal application to the licensee's last known address of record in the board's file. Notice is complete at the time of its deposit in the mail. A psychologist on inactive status due to physical or mental incapacity or disability or retirement shall use the term inactive to describe the person's status and shall not practice as a psychologist.

G. A psychologist on inactive status may request reinstatement of the license to active status by applying to the board. The board shall determine whether the person has been or is in violation of any provisions of this chapter and whether the person has maintained and updated the person's professional knowledge and capability to practice as a psychologist. The board may require the person to take or retake the licensure examinations and may require other knowledge or skill training experiences. If approved for active status, the person shall pay a renewal fee that equals the renewal fee for the license to be reinstated.