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32-2126. Place of business required; notice of change in location; failure to give notice as cancellation of license; signs

A. Each employing broker shall have and maintain a definite place of business. Notice of change of business location shall be given to the commissioner in writing and the commissioner shall issue a new license for the unexpired period. Change or abandonment of a business location without notice shall automatically cancel the broker's license and shall sever the license of any salesperson or associate broker employed by the employing broker. If an employing broker's license is cancelled pursuant to this subsection and the broker's license is later reinstated, any salesperson or associate broker employed by the employing broker whose license was severed pursuant to this subsection may be rehired.

B. Each designated broker and, if applicable, each employing broker shall cause a sign to be affixed at the entrance to the broker's place of business, in a place and position clearly visible to all entering the place of business, with the name of the broker, the name under which the broker is doing business if other than the broker's given name, and sufficient wording to establish that the person is a real estate broker, cemetery broker or membership camping broker. In addition to any other applicable law, the sign shall conform to rules adopted by the commissioner.

C. Upon removal from any location the broker shall remove the sign from the location. A broker shall not display any name at designated places of business named in the broker's license other than the name under which the broker is licensed.