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32-2194.06. Records of transactions

A. Cemeteries shall keep on file records of all documents in connection with all cemetery plot transactions handled by or through them. The records shall include but are not limited to:

1. All sales contracts.

2. Sales contract payment ledgers.

3. Certificates of burial rights.

4. All ledgers or books showing all receipts, disbursements or adjustments.

5. Records of plats and maps.

6. Such other information as the commissioner may reasonably require.

B. Each cemetery broker is responsible for maintenance of all documents used in connection with all cemetery plot transactions while in the employment of a cemetery. The records shall be open at all reasonable times for inspection by the commissioner or the commissioner's representatives. The records of each transaction shall be kept by the cemetery for a period of five years after payment in full of the transaction at the broker's main office or at an off-site storage location in this state if the owner or agent provides prior written notification of the street address of the off-site storage location to the department.