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32-2212. Issuance of license; previous licenses qualified; use of designations

A. If the applicant satisfactorily passes the examination given by the board, demonstrates a scientific and practical knowledge of the art and science of veterinary medicine and, in addition, complies with the provisions of this chapter, the board shall issue a license to the applicant to practice veterinary medicine in this state.

B. The board shall deny licensure to an applicant who has satisfied all licensing requirements but who has not submitted the license issuance fee within twelve months after the date of the examination. An applicant who fails to submit the fee within that time forfeits his qualification for licensure and the applicant shall reapply for licensure pursuant to sections 32-2213 and 32-2214.

C. All persons presently licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the state of Arizona who have complied with the provisions of law existing prior to June 12, 1967 shall be considered as licensed veterinarians under this chapter and the names of such licensees shall be entered upon the official register kept by the board.

D. No person shall append any letters to such person's name, indicating a degree in veterinary medicine, such as D.V.M. or V.M.D., or use the word doctor, veterinary, veterinarian, professor, animal doctor, animal surgeon, or any abbreviation or combination thereof of similar import in connection with such person's name, or any trade name in the conduct of any occupation or profession pertaining to the diagnosis or treatment of animal diseases or conditions mentioned in this chapter, unless such person is licensed to practice veterinary medicine under the provisions of this chapter.