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32-2274. Grounds for refusal to issue or renew license or for disciplinary action; procedure

A. The board may take disciplinary action against the responsible veterinarian, may place the responsible veterinarian on probation or may revoke, suspend, refuse to issue or refuse to renew a premises license for any of the following grounds:

1. Failure to notify the board in writing within twenty days of a change of ownership, management or responsible veterinarian.

2. Failure to maintain clean and sanitary facilities for the performance of services in accordance with the rules adopted by the board.

3. A violation of section 32-2233 or any rule adopted pursuant to that section.

4. Failure to maintain accurate records or reports as required by this chapter or by federal or state laws and rules pertaining to the storing, labeling, selling, dispensing, prescribing and administering of controlled substances.

5. Failure to maintain veterinary medical supplies, controlled substances and surgical and other equipment in a safe, efficient and sanitary manner.

6. Failure to keep written records of all animals receiving veterinary services, failure to provide a summary of such records upon request to the client or failure to produce such records at the request of the board.

7. Revocation or suspension of the license to practice veterinary medicine of the responsible veterinarian holding the veterinary medical premises license.

8. Failure of the responsible veterinarian to maintain a current license to practice veterinary medicine.

9. Failure of the responsible veterinarian to maintain a current premises license to provide veterinary services to the public at a fixed location.

10. Failure of emergency or twenty-four hour facilities to give copies of medical records to the owner or the owner's agent on release of an animal.

B. If the board receives information indicating that disciplinary action should be taken against the responsible veterinarian or a veterinary premises license, and if it appears after investigation that the information may be true, the board may issue a notice of formal hearing or the board may hold an informal interview. If the results of the informal interview indicate suspension or revocation of the responsible veterinarian's license or the premises license or other action may be in order, the board shall issue a notice of formal hearing and proceed pursuant to title 41, chapter 6, article 10. If the informal interview and other evidence indicate that disciplinary action should be taken other than suspension or revocation, the board may take any one or a combination of the following actions:

1. Issue a decree of censure.

2. Fix such period and terms of probation as are best adapted to protect the public and rehabilitate or educate the responsible veterinarian or veterinary premises license holder. The terms of probation may include temporary suspension for not to exceed thirty days. The failure to comply with any term of the probation is cause to consider the entire case plus any other alleged violations of this chapter at a formal hearing pursuant to title 41, chapter 6, article 10.

3. Impose a civil penalty of not more than one thousand dollars for each violation.

C. Before a license may be revoked or suspended for any cause provided by subsection A of this section, the board shall serve notice and conduct a hearing in the manner prescribed by title 41, chapter 6, article 10.