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32-3626. Scarcity determination; resident temporary licenses and certificates; exemption

A. No later than November 1 of each year, the board shall determine and make a finding whether there is a scarcity of state certified or state licensed appraisers in an area within the state to perform appraisals in federally related transactions.

B. In determining whether a scarcity exists, the board shall follow procedures in accordance with the provisions governing scarcity in 12 United States Code section 3348 and regulations adopted pursuant to that section as of September 30, 1992.

C. If the board makes a finding of scarcity, within fifteen days after the finding, the board shall apply to the appropriate federal agency for a temporary waiver of the state certification or licensing requirements.

D. If a waiver request has been approved by the federal agency authorized to issue waivers, the board may thereafter issue resident temporary licenses or certificates to applicants consistent with the reduction in application requirements of this chapter for licenses and certificates as authorized by the waiver. A resident temporary license or certificate shall be subject to all provisions of this chapter not inconsistent with the provisions of the waiver.

E. A person obtaining a resident temporary license or certificate under this section is required to comply with all of the provisions of this chapter except for those provisions of this chapter for which a temporary waiver has been approved and shall indicate on all appraisals performed by the person that the appraisal is not an appraisal done by a state certified or state licensed appraiser and the person performing the appraisal is a resident temporary license or certificate holder. A person holding a resident temporary license or certificate may perform appraisals only in areas within the state where it has been determined by the board that a scarcity exists.

F. The board is exempt from title 41, chapter 6, article 10 in making the determination and finding and in issuing resident temporary licenses and certificates in accordance with the waiver in subsection D of this section and section 32-3605, subsection B, paragraph 14.