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36-2227. Informal interviews; request for information; nondissemination; violation; classification

A. At least thirty days before the date of an informal interview held pursuant to this article or article 2 of this chapter, the department shall notify a person who is under investigation, or that person's designee, that the person or designee may submit a written request with the department at least ten business days before that interview that it provide the following before the interview:

1. Except as provided pursuant to section 41-1010, the name of the person making the complaint.

2. Except as prohibited by state and federal privacy or confidentiality laws, any documents received by the department, in any format or medium, that are relevant to the investigation, including:

(a) Records obtained by the department from first responders, emergency medical technicians or other health care providers.

(b) Witness statements or summaries.

(c) Patient records.

B. The department shall redact any information provided pursuant to subsection A of this section necessary to protect the personal identifying information of a patient.

C. A person who receives information pursuant to subsection A of this section may not copy, share or otherwise disseminate that information except as needed to participate in the informal interview or in an administrative proceeding or appeal arising from the investigation. A person who violates this subsection is guilty of a class 3 misdemeanor.