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36-2944. Qualified plan health service contracts; proposals; administration; contract terms

A. For each county that has a population of four hundred thousand persons or less according to the most recent United States decennial census and that was not approved as a program contractor before January 1, 1994 or that officially states that it wishes to end its status as a program contractor, the director at least every five years shall prepare and issue a request for proposal and a proposed contract format to qualified group disability insurers, hospital and medical service corporations, health care services organizations and any other qualified public or private persons to be a program contractor and provide services pursuant to this article on a capitation rate basis to members who are enrolled with the program contractors by the system, who are not developmentally disabled as defined in section 36-551 and who are residents of the county at the time of application for the system.

B. The director may adopt rules regarding the request for proposal process which provide:

1. For the award of contracts by categories of members or services in order to secure the most financially advantageous proposals for the system.

2. That each qualified proposal shall be entered with separate categories for the distinct groups of members or services to be covered by the proposed contracts, as set forth in the request for proposal.

3. For the procurement of reinsurance for expenses incurred by any program contractor, any member or the system in providing services in excess of amounts specified by the director in any contract year.

4. For second round competitive proposals to request voluntary price reduction of proposals from only those proposals that have been tentatively selected for award, before the final award or rejection of proposals.

C. Contracts shall be awarded as otherwise provided by law, except that in no event may a contract be awarded to any program contractor which will cause the system to lose any federal monies to which it is otherwise entitled.

D. After contracts are awarded pursuant to this section, the director may negotiate with any successful proposal respondent for the expansion or contraction of services or service areas if there are unnecessary gaps or duplications in services or service areas.

E. Payments to program contractors pursuant to this section shall be made monthly or quarterly and may be subject to contract provisions requiring the retention of a specified percentage of the payment by the director, a reserve fund or other contract provisions by which adjustments to the payments are made based on utilization efficiency, including incentives for maintaining quality care and minimizing unnecessary inpatient services. Reserve funds withheld from contracts shall be distributed to program contractors who meet performance standards established by the director. Any reserve fund established pursuant to this subsection shall be established as a separate account within the Arizona long-term care system fund.

F. Payments made pursuant to this section shall begin after a member is enrolled in the system.

G. Each program contractor pursuant to this section shall submit an annual audited financial and programmatic report for the preceding fiscal year as required by the administration. The report shall include beginning and ending fund balances, revenues and expenditures including specific identification of administrative costs. The report shall include the number of members served by the program contractor and the cost incurred for various types of services provided to members in a format prescribed by the director.

H. The director shall require contract terms necessary to ensure adequate performance by the program contractor of the provisions of each contract executed pursuant to this section. Contract provisions required by the director shall include the maintenance of deposits, performance bonds, financial reserves or other financial security.