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36-427. Suspension or revocation; intermediate sanctions

A. The director may, pursuant to title 41, chapter 6, article 10, suspend or revoke, in whole or in part, the license of any health care institution if its owners, officers, agents or employees:

1. Violate this chapter or the rules of the department adopted pursuant to this chapter.

2. Knowingly aid, permit or abet the commission of any crime involving medical and health related services.

3. Have been, are or may continue to be in substantial violation of the requirements for licensure of the institution, as a result of which the health or safety of one or more patients or the general public is in immediate danger.

B. If the licensee, the chief administrative officer or any other person in charge of the institution refuses to permit the department or its employees or agents the right to inspect its premises as provided in section 36-424, such action shall be deemed reasonable cause to believe that a substantial violation under subsection A, paragraph 3 of this section exists.

C. If the director reasonably believes that a violation of subsection A, paragraph 3 of this section has occurred and that life or safety of patients will be immediately affected, the director upon written notice to the licensee, may order the immediate restriction of admissions or readmissions, selected transfer of patients out of the facility, reduction of capacity and termination of specific services, procedures, practices or facilities.

D. The director may rescind, in whole or in part, sanctions imposed pursuant to this section upon correction of the violation or violations for which the sanctions were imposed.