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38-531. Definitions

In this article, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. "Employee" means an officer or employee of this state or any of its departments, commissions, agencies or boards. Employee includes employees and officers of community college districts, school districts and counties of this state but does not include officers or employees of a municipal corporation established for the purpose of reclamation and distribution of water and the generation of electricity.

2. "Former employee" means an employee who was dismissed.

3. "Personnel action" means:

(a) Appointment.

(b) Promotion.

(c) Disciplinary or corrective action.

(d) Detail, transfer or reassignment.

(e) Suspension, demotion or dismissal.

(f) Reinstatement.

(g) Restoration.

(h) Reemployment.

(i) Performance evaluation.

(j) Decision concerning pay, benefits or awards.

(k) Elimination of the employee's position without a reduction in force by reason of lack of monies or work.

(l) Other significant change in duties or responsibilities which is inconsistent with the employee's salary or grade level.

4. "Public body" means the attorney general, the legislature, the governor, a federal, state or local law enforcement agency, the county attorney, the governing board of a community college district or school district, the board of supervisors of a county or an agency director.

5. "Reprisal" means to take a personnel action the result of which is adverse to an employee.