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48-3020. Canvass of returns; declaration of results; failure to make returns

A. The directors shall meet at the office of the district on the first Monday after the election to canvass the returns. If at the time of the meeting the returns from each polling place have been received the board of directors shall canvass the returns, or if all the returns have not been received the canvass shall be postponed from day to day until the returns are received or until six postponements have been made.

B. The canvass shall be made in public by checking the returns made by the election judges and by counting the votes of a district for each person or question voted upon. Upon completion of the canvass the board shall declare elected the candidate for director from a division receiving the highest number of votes and the two candidates for director at large, if any, receiving the highest numbers of votes and shall declare the result of the vote on any question submitted.

C. If after six adjournments all the returns have not been made, the board of directors shall declare the result to be no election and shall proceed to call a new election for the same purpose to be conducted in the same manner as provided for such elections.