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9-1301. Definitions

In this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:

1. "Building code" means the construction codes that were in force at time of building construction, including plumbing and mechanical codes, electric codes, residential construction codes, energy conservation codes and existing building construction codes, and includes any property maintenance codes, neighborhood preservation codes, anti-blight codes or other similar codes, however denominated. With respect to mobile homes as defined in section 33-1409, building code means the federal construction codes applicable to homes constructed after June 15, 1976, and the Arizona codes applicable to homes constructed before that date.

2. "Citywide residential rental property inspection program" means any program that includes systematic or periodic inspections of a majority of rental properties in the city that have not previously been found to meet the requirements of section 9-1302.

3. "Exterior inspection" means the visual inspection of any portion of a residential dwelling unit that can be seen from a public street or other right-of-way, or that can be seen from an adjacent property if a complaint or consent is received from the adjacent property owner, lawful resident or lawful tenant.

4. "Initial inspection" means the first inspection of a residential rental dwelling unit after the establishment by ordinance or resolution of a residential rental inspection program.

5. "Interior inspection" means a physical or visual inspection of the interior of a residential rental dwelling unit and other portions of a residential rental dwelling unit that are not visible from a public street, right-of-way or neighboring property that is made for the purpose of looking for building code violations.

6. "Mobile home park" has the same meaning as prescribed in section 33-1409.

7. "Multifamily housing" means site built buildings containing residential dwelling units, but does not include mobile home parks.

8. "Owner" means the person, corporation, limited liability company, partnership, limited partnership, trust or real estate investment trust shown on the lawfully recorded title to the property.

9. "Residential dwelling unit" means a building or structure or part of a building or structure that is used for a home or residence by one or more persons who maintain a household. It also means a mobile home regardless of ownership of the land.

10. "Residential rental dwelling unit" means a dwelling unit that is leased or rented to one or more tenants. A dwelling unit that is occupied in part by the owner of the dwelling unit is not a residential rental dwelling unit unless a tenant occupies a part of the dwelling unit that has its own cooking and sleeping areas, a bathroom and a separate entrance, unless otherwise provided in a zoning ordinance of the city or town. Residential rental dwelling unit does not include an owner occupied mobile home in a mobile home park that is not owned by the landlord of the mobile home park.

11. "Residential rental licensing requirement" means a requirement established by a city or town that property owners or property managers obtain a license or permit from the city or town, with or without an associated fee, before they can legally engage in the rental of dwelling units in the city or town.

12. "Residential rental registration requirement" means any requirement established by a city or town for rental housing owners or managers to submit information to the city or town as already required to be submitted to the county assessor under section 33-1902.