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State Codes and Statutes

Statutes > Arkansas > Title-8 > Chapter-3 > 8-3-102

8-3-102. Ambient air quality standards -- Hydrogen sulfide.

(a) After review of scientific literature and similar standards in other states, the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission shall promulgate, through procedures set out in 8-4-202, ambient air quality standards or other appropriate regulatory controls that will protect the public health and the environment from the emission of hydrogen sulfide.

(b) (1) Before the commission proposes an ambient standard or regulatory mechanism concerning hydrogen sulfide that will result in more stringent or restrictive control provisions than are currently provided by Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality permitting practices, the commission shall direct the department to prepare, with the assistance and cooperation of state agencies with appropriate expertise, an economic impact and environmental benefit analysis justifying more stringent or restrictive operating conditions.

(2) The economic impact and environmental benefit analysis shall include without limitation the:

(A) Benefit to the public health;

(B) Preservation of environmental quality; and

(C) Cost to the regulated community and the department.

(3) The conclusions of an economic impact and environmental benefit analysis shall be included in any public notice of the proposed rulemaking and shall be subject to public comment.