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SECTION 1473-1479

1473. Full performance of an obligation, by the party whose duty it
is to perform it, or by any other person on his behalf, and with his
assent, if accepted by the creditor, extinguishes it.

1474. Performance of an obligation, by one of several persons who
are jointly liable under it, extinguishes the liability of all.

1475. An obligation in favor of several persons is extinguished by
performance rendered to any of them, except in the case of a deposit
made by owners in common, or in joint ownership, which is regulated
by the Title on Deposit.

1476. If a creditor, or any one of two or more joint creditors, at
any time directs the debtor to perform his obligation in a particular
manner, the obligation is extinguished by performance in that
manner, even though the creditor does not receive the benefit of such

1477. A partial performance of an indivisible obligation
extinguishes a corresponding proportion thereof, if the benefit of
such performance is voluntarily retained by the creditor, but not
otherwise. If such partial performance is of such a nature that the
creditor cannot avoid retaining it without injuring his own property,
his retention thereof is not presumed to be voluntary.

1478. Performance of an obligation for the delivery of money only,
is called payment.