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SECTION 18720-18726

18720.  (a) There is hereby established in the state government the
California Library Services Board, to consist of 13 members. The
Governor shall appoint nine members of the board. Three of the
Governor's appointments shall be representative of laypersons, one of
whom shall represent people with disabilities, one of whom shall
represent limited- and non-English-speaking persons, and one of whom
shall represent economically disadvantaged persons.
   (b) The Governor shall also appoint six members of the board, each
of whom shall represent one of the following categories: school
libraries, libraries for institutionalized persons, public library
trustees or commissioners, public libraries, special libraries, and
academic libraries.
   (c) The Legislature shall appoint the remaining four public
members from persons who are not representative of categories
mentioned in this section. Two shall be appointed by the Senate Rules
Committee and two shall be appointed by the Speaker of the Assembly.
   (d) The terms of office of members of the board shall be for four
years and shall begin on January 1 of the year in which the
respective terms are to start.

18722.  The concurrence of seven members of the state board shall be
necessary to the validity of any of its acts.

18723.  Members of the state board shall serve without pay. They
shall receive their actual and necessary traveling expenses while on
official business.

18724.  The duties of the state board shall be to adopt rules,
regulations, and general policies for the implementation of this
chapter. In addition, the state board, consistent with the terms and
provisions of this chapter, shall have the following powers and
   (a) To direct the State Librarian in the administration of this
   (b) To review for its approval all annual proposals submitted
under this chapter.
   (c) To annually submit budget proposals as part of the annual
budget of the Department of Education.
   (d) To expend the funds appropriated for the purpose of
implementing the provisions of this chapter.
   (e) To require participating libraries and systems to prepare and
submit any reports and information which are necessary to carry out
the provisions of this chapter, and to prescribe the form and manner
for providing such reports and information.
   (f) To develop formulas for the equitable allocation of
reimbursements under Sections 18731, 18743, 18744, and 18765. Such
formulas shall be submitted to the Department of Finance for
   (g) To require that any public library participating in programs
authorized by this chapter provide access to its bibliographic
records and materials location information consistent with the
legislative policy of encouraging the sharing of resources between

18725.  The state board shall serve as the State Advisory Council on
Libraries for the purpose of meeting the requirements of the federal
Library Services and Construction Act.

18726.  The State Librarian shall be the chief executive officer of
the state board for purposes of this chapter and shall:
   (a) Make such reports and recommendations as may be required by
the state board.
   (b) Administer the provisions of this chapter.
   (c) Review all claims to insure programmatic and technical
compliance with the provisions of this chapter.