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SECTION 52360-52365

52360.  (a) The State Department of Education, in consultation with
the Secretary for Education, shall administer the Industry-Based
Certification Incentive Grant Program, which is hereby established
for the purpose of awarding grants to selected school districts,
county offices of education, and regional occupational centers and
programs to establish industry-based certification programs within
their career technical programs.
   (b) Programs funded pursuant to this article shall offer a course
of study that supports pupil academic preparation, high school
graduation, entry into postsecondary education, and preparation for
high-skilled, high-wage careers. The programs shall be directly
linked to, and supported by, business and industry at both the state
and local levels.
   (c) The Superintendent of Public Instruction, in consultation with
the Secretary for Education, shall develop criteria and a process to
select grant recipients. First priority for the award of grants
shall be given to programs that will operate in high schools that
scored in the bottom two deciles on the Academic Performance Index.
The number of grant recipients shall be limited to the number that
can be fully funded, as set forth in Section 52363, with the amount
of funds appropriated for purposes of this article.

52361.  School districts providing secondary instruction or adult
education, or both, county offices of education providing career
education programs, and regional occupational centers and programs
are eligible to be selected for funding pursuant to this article if
they submit a grant application to the Superintendent of Public
Instruction that does all of the following:
   (a) Specifies the type of training and certification that will be
offered and how it will help meet local employment demands.
   (b) Identifies instructional staff who have obtained, or will
obtain, the required industry-based certification prior to the
implementation of the program established pursuant to this article in
the school district, the county office of education, or regional
occupational center and program, as the case may be.
   (c) Specifies the instructional equipment and availability of
facilities needed for the delivery of instruction.
   (d) Identifies industry partners and the commitment of industry
partners to employ pupils completing newly established certification
and licensing programs.
   (e) Includes other information specified by the Superintendent of
Public Instruction, in consultation with the Secretary for Education.

52362.  As a condition of receiving funding pursuant to this
article, an applicant shall demonstrate that it has secured financial
support from industry to provide a one-to-one match of funding
received pursuant to this article, and shall provide annual fiscal,
program performance, and pupil outcome data to the State Department
of Education.

52363.  A grant recipient shall receive a one year planning grant
not to exceed fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) which shall be
utilized for planning, teacher and program certification, development
of integrated curricula, staff development, and building formalized
partnerships with business and industry. Upon successful completion
of a high quality implementation plan for an industry-based
certification program, a grant recipient shall receive a one-time
implementation grant not to exceed eighty-five thousand dollars
($85,000) to assist in the purchase and installation of equipment,
teacher and program certification, staff development, and other
associated startup costs.

52364.  The State Department of Education shall evaluate the
effectiveness of each industry-based certification program funded
pursuant to this article based on specific program goals developed by
the department. These goals shall allow the evaluation to measure
the extent to which the programs improved pupil academic performance,
increased the rate of high school graduation, and expanded
employability of high school pupils for high demand jobs with high
earning potential.

52365.  The State Department of Education may recover its
administrative costs from funds appropriated for purposes of this