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SECTION 89430-89436

89430.  The trustees may establish the Center for African-American
Educational Excellence and Achievement. It is the intent of the
Legislature that the center be located near the Compton and Watts
areas of Los Angeles. Accordingly the center shall be established at
California State University Dominguez Hills, the campus in closest
proximity to these areas.

89432.  (a) The purpose and mission of the center is to further the
education of students and to develop pedagogical materials,
procedures, and programs designed to increase the learning skills of
   (b) The center may engage in research, training, and development
relative to the promotion of educational excellence among
African-Americans. In addition, the center may serve as a national
repository of information on effective African-American teaching
   (c) If the center is established, its research shall be
concentrated in the following areas relating to African-Americans:
   (1) Problems and issues which affect the failure or success of
African-American students.
   (2) The elements of an effective educational program.
   (3) The impact of educational reform movements on African-American
students and teachers.
   (4) Development of strategies which facilitate and promote
African-American achievement.
   (5) Development of techniques that integrate culture into
educational practice.
   (6) Continual curriculum development and effective instructional
   (7) The development and implementation of culturally sensitive
teacher and staff training programs.
   (8) The creation and implementation of parent-community-school
coalitions for the purpose of facilitating teaching and learning.
   (9) Intervention studies that address access and retention
problems experienced by African-American students.

89434.  (a) If the center is established the Chancellor of the
California State University shall appoint an advisory board to the
Center for African-American Educational Excellence and Achievement,
which shall recommend goals, objectives, and priorities for the
   (b) The members of the advisory board shall serve without
compensation, but may be reimbursed for necessary expenses incurred
in the performance of their duties in accordance with the regulations
and guidelines of the California State University.

89436.  It is the intent of the Legislature that the Center for
African-American Educational Excellence and Achievement be funded by
a variety of sources, including grants, contributions, and
appropriations from federal, state, local, or private sources.