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SECTION 18030-18034

18030.  Whenever in the opinion of the city council of any city the
public interest or convenience may require, that body may do one or
more of the following:
   (a) Order any street lighting system to be maintained in or along
the whole or any part of any one or more of the streets in such city.
   (b) Order electric current or energy, gas, or other illuminating
agent to be furnished for such street lighting system.
   For any of the purposes expressed in subdivision (a) or (b) of
this section, the city council may determine and declare the district
to be benefited by any such improvement and fix the exterior
boundaries thereof and assess, either partly or wholly, the costs and
expenses (including all incidental expenses) of such improvement, or
of any one or more of the items thereof, upon the lands in the

18031.  The city shall not be limited by the provisions of this part
to the maintenance or servicing of street lighting systems, or any
part thereof, owned only by the city, but the city council may also
order such maintenance or service to be furnished upon street
lighting systems provided and installed or to be installed by, and
remaining the property of, any public utility, public corporation, or
other person with whom a contract is entered into for such
maintenance or service and may assess the costs and expenses of such
maintenance, service, or installation in accordance with the
provisions of this part.

18032.  If there is more than one street lighting system in any city
any or all of such systems may be consolidated and improved under
one proceeding. In such case the consolidated system shall be zoned
so that those systems of approximately the same general type are
grouped together.
   In any district wherein zones have been established under this
part and where subsequent to such establishment, improvements are
made to portions of the lighting system in any zone which are of the
same general type as in other existing zones within the district, the
portion of the zone which has been so improved may be transferred to
a zone with a lighting system of the same general type pursuant to
the same procedure of resolution, notice and hearing as are
applicable under this chapter for the formation of the district.

18033.  Whenever a street lighting system is installed along a
boundary line or street of any city, the city council may, by
resolution, assess the land abutting upon such boundary line or
street for the estimated cost and expense of improving the system,
even though the system is partially or entirely without the
boundaries of the city.

18034.  If land has been assessed pursuant to Section 18033, the
city council may proceed in all respects in connection therewith as
though the street lighting system were entirely within the city
limits; except that the city council may enter into a contract with
the legislative body of the city or county having jurisdiction over
the adjoining territory either to improve all or any portion of the
street lighting system, or to have all or any portion of the system
improved by the legislative body of the adjoining territory. The
legislative body contracting to furnish such improvement may enter
into any contract or issue any purchase order authorized in this