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SECTION 18730-18734

18730.  Each year during the existence of the district and at least
30 days prior to the making of the general tax levy for city
purposes, the city engineer shall furnish to the city council an
estimate of the expenses for the next year of the items of
maintenance and operation provided for in the final resolution. The
first year the engineer shall not make an estimate but the estimate
in the final resolution shall be used. The city council shall at the
time of making the next general tax levy in the city and in the
manner provided for the general tax levy, levy a special assessment
tax upon all the lands, exclusive of improvements, within the
district which will be sufficient to raise that percentage of the
total sum required in the estimate which is to be raised from the

18731.  The special assessment tax shall be levied, computed,
entered, collected and enforced at the same time, in the same manner,
by the same persons and with the same penalties and priority of lien
as other taxes for city purposes and when collected shall be paid
into the city treasury to the credit of the fund of the district and
shall be used only for the payment of the expenses of the district.

18732.  The city council shall control and order the expenditure of
the funds of the district for the purposes of maintenance and
operation as provided in the final resolution. If at the expiration
of any year there is an unexpended balance in the district fund, the
balance shall, to that extent, reduce the fund to be raised from the
district for the next year. Any balance remaining in the fund at the
end of the term for which the district is formed shall be used to
help furnish electric current for the systems maintained and operated
from the funds raised in whole or in part from the district.

18733.  Each year at the time of making the special assessment tax
levy the city council shall appropriate from the fund designated in
the resolution of intention or from any other available fund a sum
sufficient to pay that percentage of the total expenses of the
maintenance and operation which is to be paid by the city.

18734.  The city council may also transfer from the general fund of
the city to the fund of the district sufficient money to pay all or
any part of the percentage of the yearly expenses of the maintenance
and operation which is to be paid from funds raised from the
district. The amount of money so transferred shall be deemed a loan
to the district fund and shall be repaid to the general fund from the
first money thereafter coming into the district fund from taxes
levied upon lands within the district.