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SECTION 229.18-229.20

229.18.  The department shall administer the generic tourist
oriented directional sign program and collect the fees described in
this chapter.

229.19.  (a) The design and installation of signs pursuant to this
chapter shall conform to any federal standards applicable to the
highway. In addition, the signs shall meet the standards and criteria
prescribed by this chapter, and shall be posted only in rural areas
on noncongested conventional highways where a sign would not pose any
traffic dangers or disrupt the free-flowing movement of vehicles.
   (b) The department shall not approve the placement of a sign under
any of the following circumstances:
   (1) Within the boundaries of any city.
   (2) If the sign promotes gambling activities.
   (3) Within any urbanized area having a population of more than
50,000 persons, as designated by the most recent census of the United
States Bureau of the Census.
   (4) If approval of the sign would violate any federal law, rule,
or regulation and that violation would result in the loss of federal

229.20.  No signs authorized by this chapter shall be posted on any
scenic highway, unless the county board of supervisors of the county
in which the sign will be placed grants approval. Approval shall be
given upon a modification of, and shall be consistent with, any
existing corridor protection ordinance.