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SECTION 20820-20824

20820.  On or before the day on which the petition is presented to
the board of supervisors, a copy of the petition shall be filed in
the office of the department.

20821.  Upon the adoption of the preliminary formation resolution
the board of supervisors shall send a copy of the resolution to the

20822.  Upon receiving a copy of the resolution, the department
shall make such preliminary investigation as may be practicable to
determine the feasibility of the proposed project.

20823.  The department shall report in writing to the board of
supervisors as soon as practicable, but at all events within 90 days
from the date of the adoption of the preliminary formation
resolution, except that upon receiving a written request from the
department the board of supervisors may before the expiration of the
90 days grant to the department not more than 90 days additional time
in which to make the report.

20824.  If the department reports within the specified time that the
supply of water available for the use of the proposed district or
that may be acquired by any practicable means, including the
condemnation of existing rights, is not sufficient or that the
project is not feasible for any other reason, the hearing of the
petition shall be continued for not more than two months and shall
then be dismissed unless within the period of the continuance either:
   (a) The board of supervisors is petitioned in writing by
three-fourths of the holders of title to land to grant the petition.
   (b) The board of supervisors, if not so petitioned, modifies the
project proposed in the petition to conform to the recommendations
made by the department for the proposed district.