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SECTION 24100-24103

24100.  At any time prior to the incurring of any indebtedness or
upon the full payment of all indebtedness of an improvement district,
the board may by resolution set a time for a hearing on whether or
not to dissolve the improvement district or a petition, signed and
acknowledged by not less than the number of holders of title to land
constituting the improvement district required to sign a petition to
form the improvement district, may be filed with the board requesting
that the improvement district be dissolved.

24101.  A hearing on dissolution shall be had in the same manner and
after the same notice as is required for the formation of an
improvement district.

24102.  The board may, after the hearing, order the improvement
district dissolved.

24102.5.  In any case in which the board has by resolution
determined that all indebtedness of the improvement district has been
paid and the improvement for which the improvement district was
formed no longer exists or is no longer operational, the board may
order the improvement district dissolved without a hearing.

24103.  The order of dissolution shall be recorded in the same
manner as the order forming the improvement district.