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SECTION 36510-36514

36510.  At any time before a district has incurred any indebtedness
or obligation, or after all indebtedness and obligations have been
discharged, two-thirds or more in number of the holders of title to
an area of land in the distribution district, as appears on the last
equalized assessment roll, desiring to be excluded therefrom may by
verified petition filed with the board of the district, request that
the area be excluded from the distribution district.

36511.  The secretary of the district, upon the filing of the
petition, shall examine it and if, in his opinion, the petition has
been signed by the requisite number of landowners, he shall set it
for hearing at the first regular meeting of the board of the district
held after the expiration of 30 days after the filing of the

36512.  The secretary of the board shall cause notice of the time
and place of hearing to be posted for a period of two weeks next
preceding the hearing (a) in three public places in the area
requested to be excluded, and (b) in three public places in the area
of the distribution district which has not been requested to be
excluded, and to be published once a week for two weeks in a
newspaper of general circulation in the county in which any portion
of the distribution district is located.

36513.  At the time and place of the hearing, anyone interested in
the petition for exclusion may appear before the board of the
district and urge or oppose its approval. After the hearing, if the
board of the district determines that it is for the best interests of
the distribution district that the land requested to be excluded, or
any portion thereof, should be excluded, the board of the district
shall make an order excluding the land, or portion thereof, and cause
it to be recorded in the office of the county recorder of each
county in which the excluded land is located.

36514.  All expenses incurred in connection with a petition to
exclude lands from a distribution district shall be paid by the