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SECTION 39600-39605

39600.  The department shall determine the practicability,
feasibility, and utility of the proposed project, and for that
purpose may make all necessary studies, examinations, surveys, plans,
and estimates of cost.

39601.  The department, for the purposes of the determination, may
employ all necessary assistants, or acquire and use any existing
estimates, surveys, and reports.

39602.  The total of all expenses incurred pursuant to this chapter
shall not exceed a sum in dollars equal in amount to one-fourth the
number of acres in the proposed district and is a part of the expense
of the project.

39603.  The department shall issue warrants to pay expenses incurred
pursuant to this chapter, which warrants shall be considered and
treated as warrants of the district and shall be payable out of the
funds of the district when its formation has been completed.

39604.  Provision may be made for payment of warrants issued
pursuant to this article in any bond issue authorized for the
purposes of the district.

39605.  If the district is not organized, any warrants issued by the
department shall be a charge upon the undertakings provided for in
this part and shall thereupon become due and payable by the sureties
on the undertakings, and the holders of the warrants shall have a
cause of action against the sureties thereon.