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SECTION 41300-41308

41300.  An election, known as the general water storage district
election, shall be held in each district on the first Tuesday after
the first Monday in March in each odd-numbered year, at which a
successor shall be chosen to each officer whose term expires in April
next thereafter.

41301.  Prior to the election, the board shall appoint for each
precinct, from the voters thereof, one inspector and two judges, who
constitute an election board for the precinct.

41302.  Not less than 24 days before a general election, the
secretary shall give notice of the election by causing a notice to be
published once a week for three successive weeks in each affected
county and by causing notices to be posted in the office of the board
and in three public places in each election precinct stating the
time of holding the election and the polling place of each precinct.

41303.  Affidavits of the publication and posting of the election
notices shall be filed with the county elections official of each
affected county, together with a copy of the order calling the
election, certified by the president, and duplicates shall be filed
with the board.

41304.  The board shall, by order made more than 24 days before the
time for election, designate a convenient place within each precinct
as the polling place of the precinct.

41305.  Not less than 60 days before the election, any 10 or more
voters in any division of the district may file with the board a
petition requesting that the name of a specified person be placed on
the ballot for the particular division as a candidate for the office
of director to represent the particular division. Only the names
proposed by the petitions filed with the board shall be printed on
the ballots for the various divisions of the district. The date of
actual receipt of any such petition by the board shall be deemed to
be the date of filing of the same with the board. If there are less
than 10 voters in any division, signatures of one-third of the number
of voters, rounded up to the next whole number, shall be required to
nominate a candidate.

41306.  The petitions shall be preserved in the office of the

41307.  If, by the 59th day prior to the election, only one person
has been nominated as provided in Section 41305 for any elective
office to be filled at that election, or no one has been nominated
for that office, the board, in its discretion and by resolution, may
order that an election not be held for that office and request the
board of supervisors to appoint to that office the person nominated
or, where no one has been nominated for that office, to appoint to
that office a person who the board of supervisors selects. Upon
receipt of a request from the board, the board of supervisors shall
make that appointment, and the person appointed shall qualify and
take office and serve as if elected at a general election.

41308.  Not less than 84 days before a general election, the
secretary shall give notice of the provisions of Sections 41305 and
41307 by causing a notice to be published one time in each affected
county stating the time of the forthcoming general election and
reciting the provisions of Sections 41305 and 41307. The notice shall
also state whether the most recent county assessment roll or an
election roll prepared pursuant to Section 41027 shall be used for
the election for purposes of establishing title to and value of land.