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SECTION 42700-42702

42700.  If any project, whether original, modified, substituted or
other, already adopted under this part, remains uncompleted, whether
in whole or in part, and any assessment levied under Part 9
(commencing with Section 46000) of this division on the basis of the
project remains uncalled, either in whole or in part, and if the
board finds, through resolution adopted by a two-thirds vote of its
entire membership, that, for reasons explicitly stated in the
resolution, the project should be materially modified or should be
completely abandoned and another project be substituted in its place,
then the board shall proceed under Chapter 1 (commencing with
Section 42200) of this part to prepare a new report which shall be
complete in itself and which shall set up the existing project as
materially modified or a new project to be substituted in its place.

42701.  The report shall specify what disposition or use shall be
made in the new project or otherwise of such parts of the existing
project as have been completed and are in process of completion and
of such property as the district has acquired. An abandonment of such
existing project shall not restore any project, original or other,
which had been displaced by such existing project.

42702.  Thereafter all proceedings in respect of the new report
shall be conducted as set forth in this part for an original report.