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SECTION 70200-70204

70200.  All claims for money or damages against the district are
governed by Part 3 (commencing with Section 900) and Part 4
(commencing with Section 940) of Division 3.6 of Title 1 of the
Government Code except as provided therein, or by other statutes or
regulations expressly applicable thereto. Claims not governed thereby
or by other statutes or by ordinances or regulations authorized by
law and expressly applicable to such claims shall be prepared and
presented to the governing body, and all claims shall be audited and
paid, in the same manner and with the same effect as similar claims
against the county. Upon request from the directors, the auditor
shall draw his warrant on the treasurer for the payment of claims.

70201.  The auditor shall keep all necessary and proper books of
account which shall contain all receipts and expenditures with their
source and nature. The books and accounts of the district shall be
audited once each year.

70202.  All moneys received or collected for or on behalf of the
district shall be paid to the treasurer in the same manner as county
money is paid to the treasurer. Upon receipt of any money from the
tax collector or from any other source the treasurer shall place the
same to the credit of the district.

70203.  The treasurer shall pay out funds only on warrants drawn by
the auditor upon district funds in the same manner as county money is
paid out. Warrants presented and not paid for lack of funds shall be
registered and bear interest at the rate of 6 percent per annum from
date of registration to date of payment or call.

70204.  Claims for salaries and services shall be sworn and approved
by the board of directors before a warrant is drawn for the same.