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SECTION 72140-72140.2

72140.  This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the Chino
Basin Production Assessment Law.

72140.1.  As used in this chapter:
   (a) "Annual" or "year" means a calendar year unless the context
indicates a contrary meaning.
   (b) "Assessing district" means any Chino Basin district which
levies a production assessment under this chapter.
   (c) "Board" means the board of directors of the primary district.
   (d) "Chino Basin" means the groundwater basin situated within the
Counties of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino and which is
described in the complaint for general adjudication of water rights
in the matter of Chino Basin Municipal Water District v. City of
Chino, et al., San Bernardino Superior Court No. 164327, filed
January 2, 1975.
   (e) "Chino Basin districts" means the primary district, the
Western Municipal Water District of Riverside County, and the Pomona
Valley Municipal Water District, the boundaries of each of which
incorporate land overlying, in part, the Chino Basin.
   (f) "Fiscal year" means the period July 1 through June 30,
   (g) "Groundwater" means water beneath the surface of the ground
and within the zone of saturation.
   (h) "Minimal pumper" means any person whose total production from
the Chino Basin does not exceed 10 acre-feet per year.
   (i) "Person" means any public agency or public corporation, or any
private corporation, firm, partnership, limited liability company,
individual, or group of individuals, excluding the State of
California and its agencies.
   (j) "Primary district" means the Chino Basin Municipal Water
District, which overlies a majority of the Chino Basin.
   (k) "Production" or "produce" means the extraction of groundwater
by pumping or any other method, except for gravity flow tunnels which
intercept the subsurface flow of defined streams.
   (l) "Producer" means any person who produces groundwater within
the Chino Basin, excluding minimal pumpers.
   (m) "Secretary" means the secretary of the primary district.
   (n) "Supplemental water" means water from the State Water
Resources Development System.
   (o) "Water producing facility" means any device or method,
mechanical or otherwise, for the production of groundwater within the
Chino Basin.
   (p) "Annual report" means the report required of each producer
pursuant to Section 72143.

72140.2.  The powers conferred by this chapter are in addition to,
and not in place of, any other powers conferred upon the Chino Basin
districts. Production assessments levied pursuant to this chapter
shall be deemed necessary to further the activities of the Chino
Basin districts in the protection of the ground water supplies of the
Chino Basin for the public health, safety, and welfare. Production
assessments are authorized to be levied upon the production of ground
water from the Chino Basin for the benefit of all members of the
public who rely directly or indirectly upon such ground water